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 05/04/2006 Chinese Millionaires to Occupy Bulgaria's Summer Resorts
Natalia Malcheva, Standart News
Wealthy Chinese are to visit Bulgaria's Black Sea resorts in huge numbers, spending big money on luxurious goods.

Chinese millionaires will soon discover Bulgaria's most luxurious Black Sea resorts. They are expected for the first time in the resorts of Sunny Beach, Albena and Golden Sands this summer, it was announced at a tourist exhibition in Beijing, where Bulgaria was declared an official destination by the Chinese Government.

With this act, the government authorities in China allowed its nationals to spend their holidays in Bulgaria. The Chinese holiday-makers will be paying between 700 and 900 euros for a one-week holiday package. There is a compulsory requirement that the guides of the tourist groups have an excellent conduct of the Chinese language, however they must not be Chinese nationals.

The Chinese tourists are expected to blow big money in expensive boutiques and posh restaurants during their stay in Bulgaria. The number of wealthy Chinese who can afford summer vacations on the Balkans is about 100 million. The only minor problem, so far, is the lack of direct flights between Beijing and Sofia. This will, however,hardly hamper the tourist business as there are direct flights to the capitals of Bulgaria's neighboring countries.

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 23/03/2006 The rise and rise of Bulgarian property
Matthew Brunwasser, International Herald Tribune
Anyone who has bought property in Bulgaria will tell you that the prices are so low, it is impossible to lose...
 01/02/2006 Wizz Air opens new routes from Sofia and Burgas
Wizz Air the largest low fare - low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe announced at a press conference in Sofia today that it would start new flights from Sofia a...
 29/01/2006 Girardelli: Bansko is Ready for 2014
Plamen Valkov, Standart News
The five-time Alpine Ski World Cup Winner Marc Girardelli who is currently the consultant of the Bulgarian national ski teams wor...
 17/01/2006 Eros Ramazzotti to Open the Summer Season
Elena Dimitrova, Standart News
Eros Ramazzotti has been invited to open the tourist season at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The Italian singer is one of the ...
 16/01/2006 Sunny Beach Resort to Become a Town
Standart News Daily
"Sunny Beach, the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort, will become a town," said Mayor of Nessebar Nikolay Trifonov. The idea belongs to th...
 08/01/2006 Skiers Flee Finland to Come to Borovets
Natalia Malcheva, Stardart News
Scandinavians chose the resort because of the thrill of testing unfamiliar ski runs.
Tourists from the icy Scandinavian...
 06/01/2006 Number of Foreign Tourists in Bulgaria Increases by 5,09% in 2005
The international tourism of Bulgaria is already providing a positive turnout for its current account of over EUR 1 M. The number of foreign tourists has gone up by 5,09%...
 29/12/2005 Britons Find Bulgarian Prices are Right for Holiday Homes
Bulgaria was confirmed yesterday as the hot spot for Britons buying a holiday home abroad. An industry study, by currency specialist HIFX, shows the former communist stat...
 19/12/2005 Bulgarian Winter Resort Bansko Invests BGN 10 M in Infrastructure
Over the next year Bansko municipality will invest over BGN 10 M in the infrastructure of the town, mayor Alexandar Kravarov said at the opening of the new winter tourism...
 04/12/2005 Bulgaria's Appeal to Property Investors on the Rise
Bulgaria's decision to bid for 2014 Winter Olympics has evinced keen interest from property investors all over the continent and elsewhere. Property experts have predicte...
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